A Shared View of Parish’s Essence

In my last blog, I shared a video encapsulating the feedback parents provided to me in November during our “Reimagine School – Parish at 50” meetings.  As part of those meetings, we asked parents to share a word or short phrase which best describes or captures Parish to them.  Below, you can see the parent responses to this poll, with the largest words being those cited most often.

Parent Reponses: The Essence of Parish, Nov. 2014


But this process of Reimagining School also has included other constituents.  In the last couple of months, both faculty and students have been engaged in the discussion.  Over 100 faculty members and 40 Upper School students recently responded to the “Essence of Parish” query.  Below, you can see their responses.

Faculty Reponses: The Essence of Parish, Jan. 2015


Student Reponses: The Essence of Parish, Jan. 2015

StudentResponsesTo me, the results suggests much about Parish. Those who know us best see us in an aligned way; clearly, Parish is a genuine and authentic place.  We honor our Episcopal identity by reflecting a deep commitment to inclusivity and relationship which resonates with adults and students alike.  We also obviously derive pride in our boldness; in our belief that we embrace a belief in the possible.  Challenges posed by seismic changes in education and the increasingly complex world present us with new opportunities, ones we will explore with gusto and a sense of optimism.

In my next post, I look forward to sharing the insightful perspectives of our Upper School students as they considered what the School experience of the future might offer.

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