Celebrating a Year of Successes While Dreaming of Future Ones

As the school year draws nearer to its conclusion, I recently communicated news of success and thanks to our community for its support on a couple of fronts. First, our community is excited for what the future holds for our students as was apparent by the more than 250 parent participants that joined the “Parish at 50” vision meetings in the fall, and those that returned in January to see our vision for personalized learning in action during student demonstrations.

Second, as we continue on our quest to bring a Community and Performance Center and second gymnasium to our Midway campus, we have had great news as of late. To date, we have received $4.79 million in pledges, including $1.1 million in commitments since January of this year! We will continue to invite members of our community to conversation about this exciting project. I am confident our community can and will rally together to make it a reality. In doing so, we will elevate the learning and performance experience our students have on campus and enhance our campus’ connection to the broader Metroplex community, further realizing our vision for “Parish at 50.”

As part of my communication to our parents, I shared this “Students in Action” video which includes a glimpse of what Parish students are already doing and to hear the excitement from our community as they dream alongside them. I hope you will take a look!

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